Outsourced People Services

For Owners of MSP, VAR and ISV Organizations

If you need help with creating and executing a marketing plan or sales process, but don’t want to hire another headcount, click to learn more about our outsourced people services.

For Marketing Directors at Technology Reselling Firms

If you’re a marketing director that needs to outsource some of the tactical details of your job, like blog writing or e-newsletter content, you’ll find our marketing services and programs a perfect fit.

For Technology Publishers

If you’re a technology publisher such as Microsoft, Intel or Sage, we can help you grow your reselling channel, develop marketing and sales collateral, and provide marketing training.

Marketing Consulting and Marketing Programs for
Technology MSPs, VARs, ISVs and Reselling Partners

If you resell or are a channel partner of Microsoft, Intel, Sage or other technology publishers, we can turn your marketing efforts into marketing successes. With either our “virtual” people driving the strategy and execution, or our marketing services for those managers that just need project-based assistance, you’ll benefit from the skills and experiences of this team of pros.

Growing You Forward… The Partner Marketing Group is a marketing consulting firm dedicated to creating and implementing successful marketing solutions for our clients such as Microsoft and Sage resellers and ISVs, or Intel MSPs. Our goal is to develop marketing programs and provide marketing services that will drive new customers and additional revenue to your bottom line.

From Seed to Sapling to Majestic Redwood… The Partner Marketing Group can create and execute new marketing programs or revitalize existing efforts to reach high for more prospects and customers than ever before. Our primary expertise is marketing, with a specialty focus in working with leading technology companies, and we leverage our knowledge and experience to make you successful. We design customized marketing strategies uniquely suited to our clients’ needs, yet utilize vendor-provided marketing materials (when appropriate) to give you a budget friendly experience.

See the Forest Through the Trees… It’s the role of marketing to help fill the pipeline of prospects and deliver leads to the sales team. We can…

No matter how grand or small a project, The Partner Marketing Group can lead your organization out of the woods and toward marketing – and sales – success. Contact us at 605.574.9432 or email info@thepartnermarketinggroup.com.