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We have had the pleasure to meet and speak with leaders in the technology industry at conferences and other events around the world. Enjoy our favorite presentations, whitepapers, eBooks, and marketing tools created by the team at The Partner Marketing Group and others. You are certain to find a great depth of information, tips, and ideas that will help take your marketing efforts to the next level. (Without all the time it takes to dig deeper on your own!)

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Latest Posts
01 Mar 2017

A Day in the Life of Our Virtual Marketing Directors

Software and technology partners and ISVs come to us seeking marketing assistance, but are often unclear as to what exactly they need. What they do know is they want to improve their marketing, build an effective marketing plan, establish a regular cadence and create powerful content they can stand behind. Getting there is the challenge.

Latest Posts
23 Feb 2017

How and Why You Should Now Write Compound Blog Posts

Gloom, despair and agony (a nod to a classic Hee Haw skit) is often the reaction when I ask our clients—primarily our ERP and CRM resellers, ISVs and accounting professionals—about their blogging strategy. Most struggle with producing enough content to meet the schedule on the editorial calendar (if they even have one), much less think

Latest Posts
14 Feb 2017

3 Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

Do you change your own oil? No doubt we could all learn how. When I checked “how to change oil in car” on YouTube, I got 2,780,000 results. But is it a good use of my time? Sure, I could save the $20 bucks Jiffy Lube would charge me but it would definitely take more

Latest Posts
07 Feb 2017

The New Case Study: More creative ways to tell your customer stories

As technology marketers, or technologists, our comfort zone often lies in our product knowledge. If you are the MASTER of telling people how awesome your products are and why they should use them, your potential customers probably checked out a long time ago.
As my colleague noted in a recent blog, 3 Customer Engagement Lessons

Latest Posts
31 Jan 2017

7 Quick Tips for Marketing Dynamics 365

The race is on! Dynamics 365 has a lot of Microsoft Dynamics partners around the world both excited and overwhelmed right about now. You’ve got to figure out not just how to market it, but how to explain it. We’re already helping partners educate their customers and prospects about Dynamics 365 and know some of