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29 Nov 2018

Nurture Marketing Series 2 of 4: Building a Successful Drip Nurture Marketing Plan for B2B Companies

Written by: Barbara Pfeiffer
For part 2 of our nurture marketing blog series, we will discuss in-depth how to create a drip nurture marketing plan for B2B companies.

What is a drip campaign?
As defined in my previous blog, What is Nurture Marketing and Why Is It Important in B2B Marketing?, drip nurture is

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12 Nov 2018

Nurture Marketing Series 1 of 4: What is Nurture Marketing and Why is it Important in B2B Marketing?

Written by: Barbara Pfeiffer
What is nurture marketing? Even if you think you already know the answer – keep reading. The original concept of nurture marketing was put out there many years ago, but it has grown and changed. This is the first in a series of four nurture marketing articles providing helpful advice from

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05 Nov 2018

Takeaways from the 2018 Dynamics User Group Summit: Is this the new Convergence?

Written by: Cheryl Salazar, The Partner Marketing Group
Michelle Glennie and I recently spent four days networking and visiting with clients and prospects in person at the 2018 Dynamics User Group Summit. Here are some takeaways and opinions from your Dynamics channel B2B marketing experts:
Is Summit the New Convergence?
It sure felt like it?

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01 Nov 2018

Calling all Marketers for Software/Technology Partners and ISVs!

The 2019 Technology Marketing Survey is under way and we need all marketers for software and technology partners and ISVs around the world to participate!
Just take a brief 15-minute survey and share your insight on today’s biggest marketing topics. What will you get in return?

A chance to win one of three $100

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09 Oct 2018

After 10 Years, The Partner Marketing Group is Turning Over a “New Leaf”

A lot of exciting things have been happening at The Partner Marketing Group this year and we can’t wait any longer to tell you! How do we celebrate our 10-year anniversary? With a new logo, new ownership and new programs and services. I guess you could say we are turning over a new “leaf” –