7 Top Technology Marketing Trends for 2018

Trends In Technology Marketing for 2018If you’re a software technology reseller, vendor, or service provider, the 2018 Technology Marketing Benchmarks and Trends Report might be the most important thing you read all year. Why? Because it’s from your peers in tech marketing. It’s a deep dive into the top marketing trends for you and your competitors.

The Partner Marketing Group surveyed more than 100 tech companies, all thoroughly vetted, and combined results to create a report with strategies for wide-ranging topics like budgets, lead generation, content creation, and social media. These carefully-targeted insights for technology marketers can be put into action immediately.

Here’s an overview of 7 major takeaways from the report:

#1: Lead Conversion is Changing

Capturing leads has always been tricky, but converting leads has become even more challenging in 2018. In the report, learn how tech industry leaders are finding the right lead sources and consistently turning new leads into real revenue.

#2: Tech Marketing Competition is Heating Up

Is your tech firm’s marketing budget growing? If not, you’re going to miss out in 2018. Competition is intense. Budgets are on the rise. The report breaks down marketing operations and recommends tools that show what’s working, what’s not, and how your competitors could be outshining you.

Marketing Budget

#3: Storytellers Sell More

Stories from existing customers have a powerful impact on potential new customers. Top tech companies know how to collect and leverage these stories for maximum effect. Find out how and where your peers are using customer stories to strengthen sales.

#4: Customers Want an Advocate

Speaking of customers, if the term customer advocacy isn’t part of your company’s lingo, add it now. It has become critically important to engagement, including customer retention and loyalty. In the report, learn how to speak the language of customer advocacy.

Customer Advocacy


#5: Content is #1

Content was important in 2017, but it should be your top priority in 2018. Blogging has now surpassed email marketing as the #1 lead generation tactic. It’s time to brush up on your content options and focus on the specific types that are getting the most traction around the world.

#6: Frequency Matters in Lead Nurturing

The difference in effectiveness between weekly and monthly lead nurturing is massive. Identify the “sweet spot” for timed lead nurturing and how you can get the most ROI from your round-the-clock marketing efforts.

Lead Nurturing


#7: There’s SO Much Social

As the number of social channels continues to expand, it can be overwhelming to decide which should be your marketing priorities. Spoiler alert: The most active and effective social platform for tech marketers isn’t Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

The report explains where to spend your social dollars, whether your company should be outsourcing social posting, and how marketing automation is reshaping the landscape for 2018 and beyond.

Ready to read the full report and refine your tech marketing strategy?

Click here to download the Technology Marketing Benchmarks and Trends Report

Written by: Michelle Glennie, The Partner Marketing Group

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