B2B Social Media Marketing for the Channel

Social media has captivated all aspects of our personal and professional lives. However, simply being present on a social platform is not enough today. As you’ve probably learned, it can be extremely difficult to reach prospects and customers through social networks without a targeted strategy, consistent engagement and quality content.

The Partner Marketing Group helps software and technology companies incorporate social marketing in a practical way that makes the most sense for your business and your audience.

Explore our B2B Social Media Marketing solutions below.

Master LinkedIn, the Leading B2B Sales & Marketing Platform

If you’re not taking advantage of the top social network for B2B professionals, you’re missing out. In fact, it’s so important for our software and technology clients, we designed special marketing solutions just for LinkedIn.

Optimized LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the first places B2B professionals go to network. We’ll make sure you are making a great first impression with refreshed profiles, unique banner images and some valuable recommendations.

LinkedIn Sales &
Marketing Training

Do you know about all the sales and marketing tools LinkedIn offers? We’ll provide a custom training plan to teach your teams how to use the tools, as well as best practices, tips and tricks to drive revenue on LinkedIn.

Marketing Campaigns

The easiest way to drive interest and conversions on LinkedIn? Let us do all the hard work for you! We will create a dynamic campaign and calendar with everything you need from content to articles, posts and images.

Additional B2B Social Media Marketing Solutions

Energize Your Social Profiles & Banners

In today’s social world, you must think of your social network profiles and banners as the face of your company and employees. What impression are you giving prospects, customers and business partners? Let us help you unify your brand and messaging across your social channels through professionally written profiles and creative banners.

Deliver Social Posts That Engage and Convert

There’s a true art to writing social posts that engage and convert. If your social posts are struggling to get attention, why not outsource them to our social experts? Our professional copywriters can craft posts for any social channel to educate your market, promote content and events, share industry news, or anything you can think of to keep your audience engaged.

Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy That Works

Not sure where to start? How to create a plan and calendar? Our senior consultants will assess your existing social presence and provide in-depth recommendations so you can elevate your social game and execute a strategy that fits your goals and target audience.

Bring Your Marketing to Life with Video

Video is absolutely where it’s at today – and it’s not just for YouTube anymore. We can create awesome, creative videos that are proven to capture attention on social feeds. From branded, animated introductions you can use for your own videos to full videos for products, presentations, case studies and more.


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