Barb Levisay, Senior Writer/Designer

Word Wizard, People Connector, Gardening Goddess

Barb Levisay bwBarb Levisay is no stranger to the Microsoft Dynamics partner community. As a former executive for multiple Microsoft partners, and a recipient of the Microsoft Marketing Excellence award, Barb now delights in sharing her decades of knowledge and expertise with clients of The Partner Marketing Group.

When partners, VARs and ISVs want effective ways to showcase their value, they want Barb on their team. Not only does she hold an MBA in Marketing, she has tried-and-true experience in how partners apply solutions and services to solve business problems. She gets the common challenges businesses face across industries and what they really need help with. Then, through masterful writing and creative design, Barb translates each partner’s value in ways business professionals can actually understand (without an IT-to-English dictionary).

Those who know Barb appreciate her commitment to helping partners succeed, her intense passion for her work, and her never-give-up personality. Not everyone finds writing about technology thrilling, but Barb honestly loves it. She’s been in the Microsoft Dynamics channel for so many years that she’s often contacted to help connect people looking for employment with partners looking for new talent. She’s just helpful like that.

When her brain needs a break from writing, Barb says, “Carpe diem!” and heads to the garden or for a hike in the mountains with her husband. Or, if it’s been a really long day, she might head straight for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. She’s a loving mom and, if she gets her wish one of these days, hopes to be the most amazing grandmother ever.

“Working in the partner channel is so rewarding for me. I admire the partners as entrepreneurs who build their businesses by helping other businesses work better, and I love being able to contribute to that. Every day is an opportunity to learn about all types of people, industries and technologies. There are always new things happening and it’s a pleasure to be part of such an innovative group of people.”

10 Fun Facts you didn’t know about Barb…

  1. Nickname Barb: (It’s short for Barbara so it qualifies as a nickname, right?)
  2. Quote: Carpe Diem!
  3. Vacation: Any place that has mountains
  4. Drink: Sauvignon Blanc
  5. Candy: Chocolate
  6. Food: Mexican
  7. Addictions: My family, gardening, hiking
  8. Bucket List
    • Write a book
    • Visit Iceland and New Zealand
    • Drive across the U.S. (again)
    • Hike the Alps
  9. Favorite Charity: At TPMG, we support Kiva to afford other small entrepreneurial companies like ours the chance to get a ‘leg up’ and succeed.
  10. Weekend Fun: Gardening (I do flowers, my hubby does veggies) and hiking


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