5 Simple LinkedIn Profile Hacks for 2018

5 Simple LinkedIn Profile Hacks for 2018

By Cheryl Strege, The Partner Marketing Group

Do you want to generate new business from LinkedIn this year? If not, stop reading right now. This post isn’t for you. But if you do want to start getting more leads on LinkedIn, follow these 5 simple hacks below.
Of course, there are more than just

If You Do Everything, You’re Irrelevant

If You Do Everything, You’re Irrelevant

In today’s world, the buyer has the power. The vast amount of information that is accessible via an internet search makes it easier for the buyer to make choices about software solutions without ever having to pick up the phone and call a partner. When they do eventually call the partner it’s to determine why

“What’s an Action Train”, You Ask?

In short, it’s a technique to persuade your prospect or customer to do “one more thing”. has this mastered. While you’re looking at a book or other product, you’ll be served up a list of “Frequently Bought Together” and “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought Something Else”. According to MarketingProfs, it’s difficult to

It’s (Almost) 2013. Is Your Marketing Calendar Ready to Rock?

Yes, it’s that time of year once again. Before we know it the holidays will be over and we’ll be staring 2013 in the face. As a marketer, you’re always thinking one, two or four months ahead so perhaps your marketing calendar for the new year is complete and ready for management’s approval.  If not,

“So Easy a Caveman Can Do It”: Why this Geico Commercial Works

“So Easy a Caveman Can Do It”: Why this Geico Commercial Works

By Cheryl Strege, President of The Partner Marketing Group
What makes a marketing campaign so memorable that we immediately recognize it, even years later? Although this isn’t a complete list, a few things stand out…

Humor: Marketing that sticks in our consciousness often has a humorous element to it.
Catchy phrase or tagline: This

The Difference between Microsoft’s Pinpoint and Dynamics Marketplace

Recently we had a team discussion and both Microsoft Pinpoint and the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace were brought up. We realized that we couldn’t easily explain amongst ourselves how they were different or related. That piqued my interest about the how they operated. After doing some digging, I was surprised to find that they are related.

There Has To Be an Easier Way

This is a slight departure from our usual marketing topics and more a way you can interact with your computer a little easier. When you spend most of your day using a computer, there can be some frustration when trying to accomplish a task that requires you to navigate several menus time and time again.

Answering the “So What” in Your Marketing

As many of us who make a living by working in the technology or software technology sector know – the software and hardware publishers we represent are great at building hype around the software they produce and the new features they have built. Whether it’s around Windows 8 or Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, Sage 100

How to Make Your Planning Meetings for 2012 More Effective

As you go through rigorous business planning meetings to map out a successful 2012, you may be discussing goals of all kinds: goals to close X number of net new customer deals, goals to expand your reach as an organization, or even goals to grow your business.
Whatever your goals may be, keep in mind

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One of the most popular presentations I do (and I’ve done A LOT over the years) is about bringing the voice of the customer (VoC) into your marketing. So it’s safe to say it is 1) important and 2) a lot harder than people think.
Whether I’m teaching

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I recently had the good fortune to attend the GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit in Bellevue, Washington. Focused on Cloud Technology, this is the second year GeekWire has hosted the conference. Attended mainly by developers and techies, I found my way to the business track which was just as valuable. Topics discussed centered around Serverless Environments,

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26 Hot B2B Marketing Stats & Trends

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Tired of seeing the same old marketing data from 5 years ago? So are we. That’s we’ve put together a list of 26 recent B2B marketing stats and trends you can use to build your own marketing strategy and team.
Our clients in the tech sector

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The New Software Marketplace: Should you partner with a Software Distributor?

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I got my start in the channel working for a newly appointed Microsoft software distributor where I managed the Microsoft product line. In those days, working for a distributor meant moving heavy boxes filled with thick training manuals, managing floppy drives and SKUs, expediting shipping, executing

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10 Brilliant Ideas for Use Cases in Technology Marketing

By Michelle Etherton, The Partner Marketing Group
Because our clients are software and technology companies, we know firsthand how challenging it is to tell a complex story in a way non-techie people understand. Oh, and by the way, you’ve also got to make it creative, engaging and relevant. How the heck do you