Just Like the Changing Technology You Sell, Color Trends Change: Learn to Add a Little Color to Your Business

Color wheelBeautiful blue skies, lush greens on the trees, and a rainbow of colors from the flowers that are just beginning to bloom.  It’s finally spring!  The grass is beginning to come out of hibernation and gardens are just starting to flourish, a welcome sight of new color after a long, dreary, grey winter.  This fresh, new color palette may be just the inspiration you need to breathe new life into your business color scheme.

According to “Do Your Web Site Colors Scream 1997”, posted on by our own Barb Levisay, the primary business colors seen on many business websites decades ago defaulted to navy blue and grey, highlighted with maroon.  These staunch colors were intended to depict security and stability – two characteristics that customers would expect from their trusted business partners.  Today; however, these once popular colors seem boring and sterile.  If your website hasn’t been updated in recent years or you are sticking to a decades old color scheme to support branding efforts, then it may be time for change.  You may reap greater benefits from introducing more trendy colors, than sticking with a lackluster color scheme. 

Look at your website through the eyes of a prospective prospect.  Is your website boring and simple or is it colorful and inviting?  Just like retail stores use lighting to set the mood for shoppers, your website color scheme sets the mood for visitors.  If your website isn’t welcoming, people will simply move on to the next website.  Your prospects can click faster from one website to another without ever having the chance to see the products or services that your business offers.  A simple change of colors can grab the attention of your visitors and draw them in long enough to see highlighted products or services, click through other pages for information and offers, or sign up for your email campaign or newsletters.

Barb offers several quick links that are sure to inspire your website update project.  Visit the Adobe “Kuler” color scheme designer to play around with possible new color schemes to attract website visitors.  Then, see how other partners are using color to highlight products and appear professional and confident without predictable, boring colors.  Contact The Partner Marketing Group for additional guidance with adding color to your website, as well as your other content and marketing efforts.

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