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Relax and welcome to Marketing Matters, a passion of ours that’s all about helping you learn and grow in your marketing skillset and knowledge.

Marketing Matters is a collaborative, ongoing effort from our leadership team where we share insights, Q&As, videos, blogs, cheat sheets, and more in a quick, consumable way. With over a century of combined channel experience, we have a lot to share so come back often!

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Getting the Most from Your B2B Marketing Agency

In this edition of Marketing Matters, we focus on how you can get the most value out of your relationship with your B2B marketing agency and what to look for when engaging an agency for the first time.

What The Channel Needs from Publishers

In this episode of Marketing Matters we talk about how Software Publishers can support their technology channel partners through the right marketing investments and strategies to drive success for all parties.

The New B2B Marketing and Sales Funnel

This episode of Marketing Matters discusses the new marketing and sales funnel for B2B marketers. This aligns to the fundamental shifts seen in buying behavior and how prospects research solutions.

Marketing Matters: Why Visual Content Matters

In this episode of Marketing Matters we address the importance of visual and unique content and how it can serve to to engage your audience and reinvigorate your technology marketing.

Mapping Content for your Buyer’s Journey

In this edition of Marketing Matters we cover the content requirements you need when considering your buyer’s journey, and how you can use a central piece and expand on it to address the various stages of the buyer’s journey.

Marketing Matters: Gated versus Ungated Content

In this edition of Marketing Matters, designed for B2B marketers, we discuss when and what type of content you should gate and when you shouldn’t.

Building Your LinkedIn Personal Profile

This episode shares best practices for building and optimizing your personal LinkedIn profile. It will step you through everything you need to set up your account as well as provide a link to a handy sheet you can use when working on your profile.  [Download PDF]

Marketing Matters: Decreasing Bounce Rates

This episode of Marketing Matters covers how you can decrease bounce rates on your website, the pages you should start with and the steps you can take to make improvements.

Marketing Matters-The Partner Marketing Group

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Marketing Matters-The Partner Marketing Group

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Marketing Matters Q&A – Webinars & Virtual Events

Marketing Matters Q&A – Webinars & Virtual Events

With the cancellation of many in-person events, we find ourselves looking for ways to connect with our clients, prospects, colleagues and publishers. For the foreseeable future, we are going to have to pivot and consider hosting and attending virtual conferences and...

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Marketing Matters Q&A – Webinars & Virtual Events

Marketing Matters Q&A – Marketing During COVID-19

As we all try to navigate these uncharted waters, we have had many of our clients asking us marketing questions we thought would be useful to share within our channel community. We will regularly post answers to your questions to help and support one another. Because...

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Marketing Matters-The Partner Marketing Group

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