ContentMX Channel Empowerment

How it Works for Software Publishers

A ContentMX enabled partner newsletter isn’t just your run-of-the-mill newsletter. (After all, there are plenty of run-of-the-mill services for run-of-the-mill newsletters.) The ContentMX version incorporates a few unique features that you – and your channel – will find invaluable:

  • A Share button on specific items that makes it easy for channel partners to re-post YOUR content to their customers.
  • Embedded social conversations – which includes the number of likes and comments – that drives further interaction with social media posts.
  • A mobile-friendly “responsive” template that folds into a single column when displayed on a mobile phone.
  • A leader board with real-time totals that lets partners see how they are doing in relation to the promoted goals.

Turn your channel partners into powerful evangelists for your brand. Share your content with your channel partners using ContentMX’s powerful channel tool and give your partners ready-made content that they can share with ONE CLICK.

Social sharing has never been easier. Track the success of your program – who’s sharing, how many shares and how far your content reaches with our powerful reporting tools.

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